Zaumzeil Quilt

Can you imagine how much patience this required??

Applique quilt by Ernestine Eberhardt Zaumzeil, c. 1865
from The Quilt Engagement Calendar Treasury


Bastille Day

Today is our Bastille Day celebration at work.  Above, you will see the guillotine artist Eric Breeden built for the occasion (and local hero J Mascis lurking in the background).  I guess I am supposed to dress up as a French character, so I’m trying to pull together a last minute Francoise Hardy costume.  Should be easy enough with bangs, winged eyeliner, and a monochrome outfit, right?

Three Upcoming Trips to the Movies

I love a good sci-fi! 

What r u eating?

“Do we shape cities?  Or do cities shape us?” – Sounds like a writing prompt from Bard’s L&T (my class was assigned Calvino’s Invisible Cities)

June @ the Garden

At Community Garden, an entire plot plundered.
Hmm…sounds like it was personal.

Here are some recent photos of my unharmed garden:

I am working on bordering all the paths with rocks from Hadley.

Nasturtiums, Lettuces, and Sunflowers. Broccoli and thyme in the background.

Leeks, cucumber, bell peppers, and a cosmo that came back from last year


One of my beautiful peonies!
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For Father’s Day, Katie made Tim B. his two favorite foods: ribs and coleslaw. The BBQ sauce (from scratch) was phenomenal, so I’m including the recipe.

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Bribe Candy

Another perk at Keith’s job:

Sweet sampler from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

2009 Garden Tour

Saturday, I attended the 16th Annual Friends of Forbes Library Northampton Garden Tour with Katie, Mom, and Grammie.  This year’s only tying theme appeared to be Goshen stone work.  We made it to 7/8 residential gardens before I had to report to work.  I learned some new vocabulary along the way:

potager – a French kitchen garden

espalier – to train a (usually fruit) tree to grow on one flat plane, often against a wall in a symmetrical pattern, with careful pruning

bosquet – a formal planting of trees in a gravel court

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