I’m back from my blitzkrieg trip to Brooklyn, still kind of hungover and with a million new CDs (a perk of Camilla’s internship with Matador).

The drive down was totally manageable: I only drove the wrong way on a one-way street once. Cam and I promptly broke open a bottle of Tanqueray and headed to the Bell House in Gowanus to catch the Crystal Stilts. We were so disappointed when we arrived and they had just finished their set. Since when are bands so punctual? We decided to hang around and hear the Ladybug Transistor. Mostly to make fun of lead man Gary “The Bugler” Olsen, an old love interest of Cam’s. Sadly, I can’t get into this band. They lost me when they released a music video featuring a suspenseful car chase. A Buick? C’mon. Later we headed to the Matador after party, held at this tight little bar called Stanton Public. It was all decked out for Halloween. This would have been a more fun if I wasn’t dying of fatigue.

On Saturday, I had a delicious biscuit sandwich at Enid’s; hung out with Marten; and avoided a small tropical storm by taking a car to Glasslands, which looks something like this:

On this particular night, the gallery was decorated with jellyfish, squid, and coral suspended from the ceiling and a giant King Titan. Between bands, I watched Alice in Wonderland and 2001: A Space Odyssey projected on a wall. The Lineup was:

Women – Absolutely phenomenal!! I bought their album on iTunes when I came home at 4 in the morning.
Amazing Baby – Awful – I read Jay Reatard didn’t want to go on because they were so bad. Fronted by a Bard alumnus who is clearly already letting fame/hype go to his head.
Crystal Antlers – Unmemorable
Jay Reatard – Fun and punky party rock! I got Colt 45 spilled all over my clothes and Camilla broke a finger in the mosh pit.

Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard

On the way home the Pizza Baron got her fix and we saw this inspiring display in Williamsburg.

Brooklyn was a blast, but I was ready to head back to my neck of the woods and relax. My amazing boyfriend Keith greeted me with Portugese Kale soup and a pumpkin pie he made from scratch! I was so proud of him. My friends Dave and Dana came over to carve pumpkins before the weekend came to a close.


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