Dried Flower Wreath

It must be Halloween because my dad sent me a weird Rubber Chicken card like he does for every holiday.  I also received a Halloween care package from my BFF Hanni! It features a Scary Halloween Art book with her original illustrations. She is such a thoughtful lady!

I admit I’ve fallen behind on blogging this week because I’ve been cleaning up cat pee (Luna is very high maintenance) and immersing myself in arts ‘n crafts. Today, in honor of my mom’s birthday, I am going to e-demonstrate how to make a stunning wreath.

You will need:
Small concave wire wreath frame (about $2.00 at Hadley Garden Center)
Spool of floral wire
Lots of dried flowers – I used strawflowers, statice, and globe amaranth that I picked at the Food Bank Farm over the summer.
Hot glue gun

Cut a short piece of floral wire, shape it into a loop for hanging, and anchor it to the wreath frame. Take the spool of wire and anchor an end to the frame by twisting it or whatever.  As you work, don’t cut the wire!  Just perform all the motions by unwinding from the spool.  Begin placing small handfuls of hay into the concave part of the frame. This gives the wreath some volume. Bring the wire up through the donut hole and back around 1-2 times for each handful. Try to reign in all the loose straw ends poking out – alternately, you can trim them with scissors.

Lay 1-3 flowers on top of the hay – try to angle the stems so they roughly follow the shape of the frame – and wrap wire around the stems twice. Repeat, moving in the direction the flower stems point (e.g. my stems pointed left, so I moved counterclockwise).

When you get close to closing up the circle with flowers, cut the floral wire and again anchor on the wire frame. Gather up any flowers that broke off from their stems, and use the hot glue gun to fill in any gaps in the wreath.


My mom taught me all these tricks – she is a wreath pro! She makes them with hydrangeas, bittersweet – you can use just about anything using the same principles.


1 Response to “Dried Flower Wreath”

  1. 1 Leah November 1, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    that is so beautiful!

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