A Ghost Is Screaming Your Name

Blogging has been put on hiatus as I adjust to my new work schedule. Between my two jobs, I am up to 45 hours a week – I want to be rollin’ in the dough before my student loan repayment kicks in. So, I’ve prepared a brief week-and-a-half review to catch up and cover all the bases.

– Saw M83 (named for the Messier 83 spiral galaxy!) at Pearl Street two Sundays ago. Keith got sick and gave up his ticket, so I was alone for most of the show, enjoying my anonymity. Anthony Gonzalez would so endearingly curtsey after every round of applause, and the drummer was impressively tight. I love M83’s 80s/teen nostalgia and their layers and layers of vertical push.

“I’m fifteen years old, and I already feel it’s too late to live-
Don’t you?”

– Finally got an oil change! I celebrated by driving to my dad’s house to pick bittersweet. “Solanum dulcamara” is an invasive vine with poisonous red berries, but it’s great for winter decorations. Admittedly, my cuttings are still sitting untouched in the trunk of my car.

– My boss Rita played a hilarious prank on co-worker Connie. The landlord has been on our backs to conserve electricity, and had communicated this via typed letters slipped under the office doors. Rita composed a fake letter (using the same font) asking tenants to wear long underwear if they must to keep food on her table. Gullible Connie was raving mad about the request. There’s something wonderful about 60-year old women’s hijinks.

– Had Jason and Amy over for dinner. The menu included: Mixed green salad with pear, toasted pecans, and Manchego; Beer roasted chicken, potatoes, and onions; and Grammie’s gingerbread a la mode.

– Saturday was Bag Day, a crazy retail day in Northampton. Each year, consumers get a shopping bag in the local paper (The Daily Hampshire Gazette) and get 20% off purchases at select stores. Had many bizarre encounters (e.g. Erica passing through from Bard; Jan, the interpreter for a boy in my high school class). After we closed, I headed over to Green St. Cafe with some co-workers to drink wine and see our pal Ella play piano. Later, lots of drinking and dancing at Motown night @ the Basement.

– Attended the unfortunately named “Mini-Skirt Monday” night at Bishop’s Lounge. Surprisingly had fun.

– And today. Passed a sad, stray meatball on the sidewalk today. And Emily Dickinson’s house on the way back to my car. I’m currently baking a chocolate layer cake and butternut squash (for a squash and carmelized onion tart) simultaneously in the oven. The combined odor is really wretched. Happy Thanksgiving!


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