Escape to Sugarbush Mountain

On Tuesday morning, I headed to Warren, Vermont for a mini ski vacation at Sugarbush.  Google Maps’ route sent me directly over two mountains with warped dirt roads and cautionary signs (snow tires are required!).  Fortunately it was sunny, and I entertained myself with This American Life podcasts.  After cracking and ruining my orange ski boots, I sorted out my rentals and lift ticket, and I met up with Uncle Dave, Auntie Lu, and my cousins Chris and Mike at Sugarbush’s Lincoln Peak Village for a day and a half of skiing.


It was bizarre to read trail signs in English after years of Mont Ste. Anne’s La Pichard, Le Chemin Du Roi, and La Forêt Enchantée.  Instead I found myself taking a trail called Organgrinder.  Sugarbush’s North and South sides are connected by a two mile chairlift which passes over several steep gorges.  We were sitting on this lift when it began to snow on Day 2.

Auntie Lu’s sister is a caretaker for the amazing house I stayed in (the family is away in Europe for the year). The architecture is structured around an old farmhouse silo and features lots of open beams and superb sunlight. We retired here at the end of Tuesday to play a Russian card game called Durak and eat a pulled pork supper prepared by Lu’s sister Nan. I slept in a room with half a dozen dream catchers and a poster of animal tracks.  On Day 2, I woke up early for OJ and fresh hot Monkey Bread (not this kind). Then Michael and I explored the treehouse I had spotted from my bedroom, and we went sledding in the hilly, private yard.

On Wednesday, I intended to drive on to Burlington to have dinner with my friend Lauren. But a storm blew in, as I mentioned, and I scurried to get on the road. Unfortunately, I was stuck driving in the snow storm for four hours. And my windshield wiper pad ripped, totally obscuring my already reduced visibility. That was hellish, but worth it!



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