Reflections: Slacks

I finally retired my favorite pair of pants yet: black, high-waisted Bill Blass jeans, perfectly cropped + tapered for my height, and with a double belt loop at the rear.  I bought them a year ago at the Hudson Goodwill for about five bucks.  I knew they were on their final leg (ha-ha) when the crotch area began to shred and the right knee ripped.  But then, last week while I was in Brooklyn, the button fly just popped right off!  And landed in the toilet.  Right after I had gone #2.  FML.

Now I am struggling to accept my new pair of everyday pants.  I got a pair of BDG slacks for my birthday.  I had to hem 8 INCHES off of them (I’m a very average 5’4″).  $60 pants shouldn’t need any altering.  I also learned an important lesson while hemming my new pants:  Listening to Lesley Gore will sewing sounds like a good idea until the sewing machine gives you technical difficulties.  Then you are stuck raging at the bobbin case and listening to “It’s My Party.”

Here I am wearing my pants for the last time in Cam’s Greenpoint appartment.

One of these is not like the others.


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