Show Off

I can’t believe I’ve never been to the Trading Post of South Amherst before now!  It’s in the same building complex as the Moan and Dove.  The ladies are really nice and cut me a deal on my purchases, probably because they want me to come back.  But also because they really liked my new “retro” glasses:

I bought them at Fabulous Fanny’s while I was in NY, and I went through hell to have the correct size shipped to me!  Guess which Bardian works there?

Anyways, here is my new mirror from the Trading Post mounted above my bureau.

Here comes a myriad of photos of new things.

Newest sewing project: turned this onesie with built in culottes into a tunic-dress thing.

Newest way to stay physically fit: Wee got a Wii!

Newest (and favorite) piece of jewelry: cartouche from the market in Cairo. My dad had the silversmith translate my name phonetically(?) into hieroglyphics. IDK, it probably reads “Stupid American” instead of Emily, but it looks really cool.

Newest addition to Fridge Fetish. I don’t know how this happened.

Newest convert: Kayla, Keith’s niece. Relatedly, a friend recently asked which character I’d be in the Wizard of Oz. Duh, Auntie Em. Which character would you be and why?


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